Top 3 Best Crypto Deals In This Black Friday Event In 2022

This year’s Black Friday sales are just around the corner, so why not get something for yourself or your favorite crypto user in your life? Here are three useful Black Friday deals in 2022 regarding crypto and tech, compiled by BeInCrypto.

It’s Black Friday again, and exceptional deals and discounts abound. Shoppers around the world are using the store online and in person to find the best deals.

Official Black Friday Sale List by Chase Amy
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Every fourth Friday in November, people celebrate Black Friday by shopping at great discounts. But there have been some minor changes since the advent of cryptocurrencies.

The tradition originated in America in 1966 and has become the unofficial start of the Christmas sales season. A similar initiative started with Bitcoin in 2012 when a crypto enthusiast organized the first Bitcoin Black Friday.

The purpose of Black Friday for Bitcoin was to promote cryptocurrency spending in the community. Initially, it was only BTC Black Friday, but now even most altcoin holders can participate in Black Friday crypto offers.

Typically, trading platforms and marketplaces have a special section for discounts and selling goods in cryptocurrency only. But does this mean that one should buy the item because it is discounted? Maybe not!

BeInCrypto highlights three major Black Friday deals in crypto for 2022 dedicated to but not limited to crypto enthusiasts.

black friday back again

For many cryptocurrency users, following the markets is essential. This becomes especially true for traders. It offers the ability to use various instruments and follow crypto and traditional financial markets.

For a limited time, TradingView is offering up to 60% off its annual Pro, Pro+ and Premium plans.

Up to 60% off in the Black Friday Sale at TradingView
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Benefits of signing up or upgrading to a Pro account include access to exclusive tools, display of multiple charts at once, additional data from a wider variety of markets, and much more. You can even pay for your subscription in crypto!

Source: TradingView

Cold storage and tax tools are more important now than ever

Moving from a business perspective to actual practical storage for crypto. Ledger offers cold storage wallets that allow users to store their precious crypto offline.

Hardware wallets make self-custody simple and secure, allowing users to experience complete financial freedom with confidence. Ledger is now offering up to $30 in free bitcoin with the purchase of the Ledger Nano X, while Nano S buyers get $20 of BTC.

Black Friday: Get up to $30 worth of free BTC when you buy a Ledger
Source: Ledger

Another exclusive deal that can benefit both new and seasoned crypto enthusiasts is Accounting. It is a popular crypto tax tool that allows users to track their crypto portfolio and file taxes.

Following the Black Friday trend, the tax firm is offering significant deals of up to 40% off on all tax packages.

Pricing for the different types of packages available on Accounting by Glassnode
Source: Accounts

In the meantime, check out Bitcoin Black Friday for a detailed list of everything available. While this year’s Black Friday is one of the most important and strong yet, there is no reason why crypto users should be excluded from the fun.

unprecedented traffic

This Black Friday is on its way to breaking records. According to Google Trends, searches for ‘Black Friday’ have already started to see significant traffic, as shown in the plot below:

black friday google trends data
Source: Google Trends

According to data from Future Market Insights, Black Friday has become a popular celebration with sales of up to $271 billion worldwide.

The United States accounts for the largest revenue share of global Black Friday sales. However, India is expected to see the highest growth in Black Friday sales this year.

Along with this, cyber crimes, scams and other illegal activities are also coming to the surface.

Beware of Scams

MyChargeBack, an international provider of complex transaction dispute resolution services, told BeInCrypto about some of these plans. One of the most prominent rackets in the crypto scene recently is the counterfeit cryptocurrency recovery firm.

Michael B. Cohen, Vice President of Global Operations at MyChargeBack, told BeInCrypto:

“Any website that claims to provide a 100% guarantee that it will recover cryptocurrency is deceiving the public. With few exceptions, no one can recover crypto alone because recovery is almost always done by the police. And often requires the involvement of the courts. Claims of 100% success are a red flag for a fund recovery scam.”

Meanwhile, the executive insisted on verifying the company’s provenance before making contact:

“A firm whose website URL was registered only a week ago cannot seriously claim to have collected millions of dollars for thousands of customers over the past year. Yes, that’s what she says.

Another friendly tip from BeInCrypto: Use a historical price tracker like CamelCamelCamel to determine if the sale is actually a discount or if the price was just temporarily cranked up for the sake of the appearance of a discount on platforms like Amazon. Use the.

Be safe and happy shopping!!!


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