The Pokemon-inspired Metaverse Pixelmon NXT is pumping up the volume

Pixelmon NFTs are seeing a rise in popularity. What resulted in the revival of the Pokémon-inspired Metaverse project?

According to DappRadar, Pixelmon NFT has seen a more than 300% increase in volume over the past week. The daily volume is around $20,000 as of writing, with a minimum price of 0.575 ETH.

Pixelmon: what is it?

Pixelmon is an open-world role-playing NFT game. Once the Metaverse goes live, players will be able to train, trade, fight and evolve their Pixelmon NFTs, similar to Pokémon. According to the roadmap on the official website, an alpha version of the game is set for release in January 2023. It will be open to holders of Pixelmon NFT only.

The project launched its first NFTs on February 7. They raised $70 million from launch. The starting price of each NFT was 3 ETH. The token and land release is expected in January 2023.

Pixelmon disappointed with early launch

The NFT launch was a huge success, but the team did not disclose the art at the time of founding. The team revealed the art on February 25, more than two weeks after the launch. The delay in revealing the art wasn’t the only factor in the disappointment.

Ahead of launch, the Pixelmon team announced that the Pokémon-inspired metaverse is set to become “the biggest, highest quality game NFT space ever.” However, the community was shocked when the team revealed the art as it was nowhere near the “highest quality” promised.

The community believed that the project was deceiving people. community claims That team bought stock models directly from MeshTint Studio and upgraded them to Voxel Art. crew Bought Ape Yacht Club, Azuki and CloneX NFTs were fed up with the funds raised from the NFT sale. However, 21-year-old founder Martin van Blerk, who has previously used “cyber” identity, pointed out that the NFT purchases were just a team buying dips.

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One of the species, Kevin, became a popular meme. It was so ugly that it invited ridicule and became trending memes, the irony is that people were Expense 8-9 ETH on Kevin NFT, which is almost three times the mint price.

pixelmon return

Founder Cyber ​​assured that the team is working hard to address the post-launch shortfalls. Web3 project aggregator LiquidX took over the development of the project under the new CEO, Giulio Ziloyanis.

The new team upgrades the artwork to polished 3D pet monsters. Although for the sake of the memes, Kevin’s art remains almost the same. New crew Leading game designers from RIOT, artists from BLIZZARD and other industry stalwarts.

community is betting Tough ETH is on the game and expects to launch next year. Although some gamer Refusal to touch the game.

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