Shiba Inu users claim the Shiberium code was copied from Rinia

Users on the Shiba Inu Discord community are claiming that Shiberium has the same Chain ID as another blockchain called Rinia. Some also claim that multi-sig wallets are not run by completely unique individuals.

Shiberium, the layer-2 scaling solution from Shiba Inu, is being hotly discussed in the crypto community. The Discord server for the project has been debating Shibairam’s origins with community members. claim of that it was a rip-off of the Rinia series. He also pointed to the fact that the Chain ID was unchanged.

The tweet in question also posted images from discussions in the Discord channel, which said a mode mentioned “manipulation and silence”. One of the messages states the following,

“Shyotoshi has manipulated members of the community as well as the entire team with defamatory lies and manipulation to do his bidding. There are people who help them in doing this who know that it is all a lie, but do it because of fame, money and promotion.

Shiotoshi Kusama is the lead developer of the project. Kusama responded to the original messages, saying the attempt was an attempt to discredit her.

The discussion in the Discord server kicked off with accusations, with many claiming that this could spell the end for MemCoin-associated tokens.

Users Claim About Chain ID and Multisig Wallets

The main problem faced by the community was that the Chain ID was identical to Rinia’s. they shared screenshot of the series and its ID on the server.

The discussion reached another zenith when people asked for proof that the multi-sig wallet was in fact run by nine different people. One person pointed out that there were not nine unique people running a multi-sig wallet.

This could be problematic for Shiberium, which launched its initial public beta testing on March 11. The much-anticipated solution may now have to explain itself before officially launching.

SHIB price may fall further due to Shiberium allegations

There’s no official word yet about the allegations being made on Discord. Whether this affects the full launch of Shiberium is unclear. However, things may become more clear in the coming days.

Other steps Shiba Inu has taken towards a full launch include the launch of a Shiberium portal, around the same time Binance.US announced full support for SHIB.

SHIB price chart by BeInCrypto
SHIB price chart by BeInCrypto

Due to the allegations, the price of SHIB may fall further. The coin dropped 33% in February, and some expect it to drop even further.


BeInCrypto has reached out to the company or the person involved in the story for an official statement regarding the recent development, but has yet to hear back.

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