NFT Hotel Bookings You Can’t Make Then Can Be Resold

NFT Hotel Booking: Travel Industry Moving To Blockchain. They are now using NFTs to sell travel products that can be resold if the buyer cannot travel.

Italian company Taqone has a new product that uses NFTs to represent bookings. The startup wants to revolutionize the way customers travel.

The mechanism will be based on so-called resale rates. A resale rate allows a guest to sell it and move it if they cannot use their reservation. This new product has come to life in the current economic context full of changes and volatility.

When a guest books an accommodation with a resale rate, the company generates a non-fungible token (NFT) representing the property. Being an NFT, it can be transferred in a secure and verifiable manner to any user anywhere in the world. This is without the need for both parties to know each other. He doesn’t need to have a trusting relationship between them.

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Takyon is an innovative startup with three young entrepreneurs behind it – Antonio Picozzi, Giuseppe Monteleone and Niccol Francesco Marino. The goal is to transform the travel booking market in Italy. Within a few days of its inception; The company accumulated 5,000 followers on Instagram and over 1.3 thousand visits to the website.

Taqeon aspires to be the tool for booking stays and experiences through NFTs, guaranteeing flexibility, stability and exclusivity for travelers.

The company can convert the reservation into a digital asset (NFT) by removing the buyer’s name and making it resellable. When doing so, they create a resale rate, which is a non-refundable prepaid reservation fee. It costs an average of 20% less than the normal refundable rate.

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need for new paradigms

Antonio Picozzi is the CEO and co-founder of Taqeon. He says that travel services and consequently hotels need a new paradigm that simplifies the same tasks that have been done for years. Antonio sees the NFT as the missing piece of the puzzle.

“We want to create a new paradigm in the world of travel booking. This implies moving from the current logic of reserve nominal to being reserved as NFT. By doing this, our users will be able to exchange visits and create unique experiences and memories.”

Giuseppe Monteleone is the CMO and another co-founder of the startup. He prefers to talk about benefits rather than change.

“There are many benefits for all players in the travel industry and our partners are supporting us. A few days ago we published the first NFT with Grand Hotel Victoria. This is a prime property on Lake Como. Other partners are joining us to get the special benefit of being a part of our network.”


For speculators, there may come a day when you can buy holiday packages up to a year before the holiday. You can then sell it at the last minute to people who are willing to pay double to secure a trip because they weren’t organized a year ago.

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