Jack Dorsey creations aim to limit corporate and government control

Bluesky, an initiative created by Jack Dorsey, announced a decentralized protocol that aims to limit government and corporate actions on major social media platforms.

The idea came in 2019 when Dorsey was still the CEO of Twitter. At that time, he formed a group with other employees of the company to create a project that could be used as a basis for bringing more decentralization to the social network.

The entrepreneur currently runs the block. Dorsey is known to be a big fan of bitcoin (BTC) and the concepts of decentralization. Dorsey has since walked away from the initiative. However, this did not stop Bluesky from moving forward in his projects.

Twitter Dorsey Bluesky

On Tuesday (18), the group launched a website for its decentralized social networking protocol, called Protocol AT. Simultaneously a waiting list was issued for their application, which is being classified as a browser to access future protocols.

The project garnered attention, with many users signing up to be the first to approach this new form of social media.

Bluesky and Algorithms

According to Bluesky, the AT Protocol will operate independently of regulatory bodies and external actions of large corporations. Another difference of the protocol would be the promise of greater security of user data. Algorithms will be written to ensure this.

“Algorithms decide what we see and who we can access. If we are to trust our online space, we have to control our algorithms,” he says.

In recent months, Meta has been embroiled in controversy after a former employee uncovered that the company has turned a blind eye to the spread of fake news and other content. Such false information kept its users connected to its platform. Individuals were more likely to discover false or controversial content.

relationship between social networks

Another purpose of Bluesky is to encourage mutual compatibility between social networks. With this, Instagram content, for example, can be shared and used on TikTok and vice versa – as long as both platforms follow the AT protocol.

To facilitate this interaction between platforms, the team developed a structure called the Lexicon. It is responsible for facilitating the connection between the applications and sites of each social media.

“The world needs a diverse market for connected services to ensure healthy competition,” the Bluesky team said. “Interoperation needs to feel like second nature on the web.”

It is worth mentioning that decentralization and the use of a blockchain-based protocol has already been touted as the next Internet revolution, called Web 3.

web3 needs to save web2 social media

Twitter may join the initiative

Even though he was far from the project, Jack Dorsey made it a point to congratulate the Bluesky team on its launch. Previously, he said that “Twitter aims to be a subscriber to this standard.”

Twitter’s future remains uncertain as Elon Musk resumes action for the acquisition. A few months ago, it was revealed that Dorsey exchanged messages with the Tesla CEO, encouraging the billionaire to introduce an open-source protocol to the social network.

The former Twitter CEO warned Musk about the dangers of a social network that is only for-profit, saying that Twitter “cannot be an advertising model” and “has a centralized entity behind it.” In Dorsey’s view, this would keep large companies and governments from wielding Twitter.

The launch of BlueSky comes in the midst of an ongoing censorship debate on the world’s largest social network. There is a divide between those who believe there is a need for more regulation and enforcement around these platforms, and those who protect the right to freedom of expression, albeit at extreme levels.

This week, it was announced that Kanye West would be the new owner of Parlor, a platform believed to be uncensored Twitter. The rapper took this decision after closing his Twitter and Instagram accounts. With this, the artist joins the growing group of billionaires who own these platforms, along with Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump and Musk.

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