Jack Dorsey-backed decentralized social media protocol Bluesky gets 30,000 signups in 48 hours

BlueSky, a decentralized social media protocol, got 30,000+ signups for its beta version waiting list. What does it offer?

Blue Sky announced Waiting list via his official Twitter account on Tuesday. The social media app will be built on the Authenticated Transfer (AT) protocol. Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey, later quote retweet the announcement. Due to overwhelming interest from the community, the signup reached a temporary limit on the mailing list. Users were not able to signup until a fix was made.

Bluesky’s Birth

jack dorsey tweeted In December 2019 that they are funding a small independent team to develop an open and decentralized standard for social media. He further said that Twitter aims to become a client of this protocol.

Jay Graber, a crypto developer, announced She will lead Bluesky in August 2021. The BlueSky unit then began operating independently of Twitter.

What is AT Protocol?

BlueSky is building the AT Protocol, a new foundation for social networking that gives creators freedom across platforms, developers the freedom to build, and gives users a choice in their experience. Large-scale distributed social applications can be built using the protocol.

Jack Dorsey Mentioned That Anyone, Even Contestants DSOprotocol can be used.

Source: Twitter

What does Bluesky offer?

Bluesky’s mission is to drive development from platform to protocol. They provide portability, scale and trust.

  1. portability

    Bluesky wants to create a protocol that allows users to switch between apps without losing their data or the connection they’ve made there. If someone wants to stop using YouTube and switch to Tiktok, they can’t move all their YouTube videos or any other data to Tiktok without manually uploading them. Bluesky wants to offer this portability for identity, data, payments and other services.

  2. scale

    Apps built on Web3 struggle to scale up to Web2. Even some web2 applications crash when there is high traffic. Web2 Social networking platforms such as Twitter currently provide a global experience. However, Web3 struggles to bring that scale. Bluesky wants to bring that scale to decentralized architecture.

  3. Confidence

    Every social media platform has its own algorithm to decide what goes into a user’s feed. Platforms also need to manage spam and abuses. The centralized algorithm may be biased on how a particular type of content is promoted on the platform. Since social media platforms significantly impact the lives of individuals, users need to know how algorithms perform.

    Bluesky wants to work towards a transparent and verifiable system through which users can know how the algorithm works or what is going on under the hood. They will allow users to adjust their experience.

community believe that That the predator in the Bluesky meta can plague machine-learning algorithms.

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