Is Konami Making a Horror Metaverse?

Silent Hill is a franchise that has produced games that players love. This is despite the fact that they were half-death scared when playing them. Now, they have new offerings, which may include a scary metaverse.

The first two Silent Hill games are touted as some of the best horror games of all time. The ones that followed were not so beloved, as production moved from a Japanese team to the US.

The game Silent Hill 2 was a fan favorite, known for its otherworldly atmosphere, terrifying lore, and psychological depth. The now-beloved monster named Pyramid Head also had its first appearance in Silent Hill 2.

Along with sports, films were made from the brand. However, the general consensus here was that the films were shabby, with shoddy plot lines and belligerent dialogue.

Despite the bad movies and slowly deteriorating gameplay, the early Silent Hill games have fond memories with fans. This is even after decades have passed.

Silent Hill Announcement

Today, parent company Konami has announced that they are relaunching the Silent Hill brand name. They are releasing some new products in the franchise.

First, for gamers, Konami is getting another crack at the Silent Hill 2 remake. The remake will be played on PC via Steam, or it can be played exclusively on the PlayStation 5 console.

Silent Hill 2 was first released in 2001 and for PC in 2002. The remake of the game has been given to Polish studio Blober. He worked on the Blair Witch Project, which definitely has a Silent Hill vibe.

Silent Hill Movie – Silent Hill f

Konami will also remake the film Silent Hill, this time called Silent Hill f. Silent Hill F will be the first original Silent Hill sequel in years. Its release date has not been announced yet, but fans hope that they will not have to wait too long.

Konami says, “Silent Hill F will be an entirely new story set in 1960s Japan with a beautiful, yet terrifying world. It is written by Ryūkishi07, a novelist dealing with murder mysteries, psychological and supernatural horror. Famous for Japanese visual novels.

Director Christoph Gans says, “This is my return to a universe that I touched on 15 years ago in 2006. The film tells the story of a young boy coming back to Silent Hill where he has found a great love. And what he’s about to find is a pure nightmare.”

“In the first Silent Hill, we were closing this small town world completely in a haze. It was like being stuck in a twilight zone. But in the second game the game’s creators changed the rules. Apparently going back to the same city Silent Hill but we see this strange world and the protagonist’s point of view. The protagonist, James, is searching for his lost love, Mary, who is somewhere in Silent Hill. “

Silent Hill

disturbing theme

Gans says, “It’s about psychological terror. The first big questioning and the first big panic is about ourselves. Are we crazy? Are we sane? And are we smart enough to go back to Silent Hill for this great love.” Are?

“For me, one of my major goals in this movie is to redesign the classic monster from Silent Hill. It has Pyramid Head back again. Back in 2006, some of the creatures in the movie were highly appreciated by fans. But also my It was important to come back with a surprise, a new universe. It’s a new challenge. And it is very important to bring these icons to new audiences.”

creepy metaverse

Fans are hoping there may be a metaverse in the works. In fact, Konami is advertising for people to help put together a metaverse.

Silent Hill

The film’s producer Victor Hadida has some interesting things to say regarding full immersion.

“At its core, it is also the idea of ​​the myth of Orpheus – can a person go deep into hell to bring back the soul of the person he loves the most in his life. Demons are also one of those key elements. What fans are waiting for. And we are updating them in such a way that the creation is similar, but they will be striking. ”

Hadida says, “Young audiences, they want a collective experience. They want to be with friends, they want to talk about it, but they also want to live that experience together. We’re modernizing, we Giving them what today’s audience really wants. We are trying as much as possible. Creating a new experience for the audience. It will be more immersive, interactive and now we have new technologies.”

Sounds like a metaverse to me.

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