How to land the next big airdrop if you missed Aptos?

Airdrop opportunities from L2 Rollup Arbitrum, SUI Testnet, and zkSync are on the horizon for those who missed the Aptos ATP drop on October 19, 2022.

On October 20, 2022, the Aptos Foundation circulated 20,076,150 APT tokens to 110,235 participants, earning some community members up to $6,000.

Aptos Network is a layer-one blockchain focused on scalability and modularity. Two former META employees started the project. It uses a smart contract programming language called MOVE. Additionally, it improves transaction throughput through a process called pipelining. It is also designed to be modular, making frequent upgrades possible.

Airdrops are often used to generate buzz around a new crypto project. Users are eligible to receive free crypto coins or tokens for performing specific tasks designed to bring more awareness to a particular project. The company or project can take advantage of this awareness in future fundraising opportunities such as initial coin offerings.

While Aptos only allowed community members to meet specific criteria to claim an APT, other networks are launching airdrops in the coming weeks and months that could prove even more lucrative. What follows is not an exhaustive list.

NFT Airdrop Opportunity, an NFT Marketplace and Aggregator for Pro Traders, Starts Offering airdrops On October 19, 2022. The airdrops include care packages for trading NFTs over the past six months. The Care package consists of BLUR tokens, which will not appear until January 2023, when begins its rule. A larger Airdrop 2 will go to people who are “actively listed on Blur,” while the first Airdrop is to drive traffic to the site. If you list an NFT on within the next 13 days, you can still qualify for the first airdrop. You can qualify for the second round in November 2022.

Optimism Announces Much Awaited OP Token and Airdrop - Testnet

L2 Rollup Airdrop Opportunity

Rumors also suggest that Ethereum layer-two rollup Arbitrum may soon circulate the ARBI token. The token could arrive in Q4 2022 or early 2023. To become eligible, some suggest bridging the arbitrum to receive funding. Also, L2 Solutions announced Arbitrum Odyssey earlier this year to enable you to qualify for certain Arbitrum NFTs, which may be part of the Airdrop eligibility criteria. Odyssey includes a list of weekly tasks which, upon completion, will make you eligible for NFTs. Offchain Labs paused Odyssey so that Arbitrum would undergo a nitro upgrade. Since the Nitro upgrade happened close to the Ethereum merge, the Arbitrum team may soon reactivate Odyssey.

By joining Arbitrum Discord you may also be eligible for airdrops.

Layer-one Chain SUI will broadcast tokens to users of its testnet. Users can download the SUI Wallet Google Chrome extension and fill it with the SUI Testnet token. Testnet tokens are available through SUI’s Discord servers or from SUI Faucet on its NFT marketplace.

To increase your chances of getting ZKS tokens from the zero-knowledge L2 rollup zkSync, you need to interact with the zkSync testnet, perform some bridging activities for zkSync, interact with various decentralized applications, an NFT platform and wallet service Is. You can get more details in this Twitter thread.

Upcoming DeFi Application Airdrops

Do not forget about the DeFi protocol.

Rage Trade, a new derivatives protocol for betting on ETH prices, was recently launched on Arbitrum. Protocol has not yet issued its Rage token. By depositing Tricrypto liquidity into the protocol and opening leveraged positions on the ETH perpetual contract, anyone can become eligible for an airdrop.

A new lending and lending protocol on Ethereum called Sturdy Finance indicated On future airdrops. To qualify, it may help to deposit some stablecoins as collateral and borrow against it.

finally starnet ecosystem Might also host multiple airdrops soon. Starknet is a zero-knowledge rollup on Ethereum. An automated market maker called 10KSwap, which is currently live on StarkNet, has indicated On a possible airdrop. At the same time, a DeFi protocol called Alpha Road Finance will circulate the AST token. To qualify one can invest, stake and claim rewards on Alpha Road Finance.

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