Hot Crypto Sis Spawns New Meme

The Blonde Broker is a Crypto Influencer who has a lot of fans on Twitter and YouTube. One of his tweets has gone viral as the Crypto Brothers need to make tough decisions.

The Blonde Broker is the co-host of Two Girls One Trade… yes, a tribute to the famous and seriously gross porn legend. The two “Queens of Stonk” also have a podcast series on Spotify.

The Blonde Broker tweeted a picture of himself looking fine. She asks, “Dinner with me or 6.9 ETH? To be honest.”

This has inspired many good young strong crypto brothers to respond in the most thoughtful ways possible. This might also be the toughest question in the crypto field right now.

At the time of writing, 6.9 ETH is priced at $10,664.

blonde pimp breaks the internet

So many brothers have been ruthlessly robbed in indecision.

@kirkjwilliams says “I’ll take you out to dinner and you can keep your ETH. Unless it’s someone else’s ETH. I’ll take it, and take you to dinner another time.” And I’ll share it with you. I’ll pick you up at 6:09 am.”

CZ jumps

Binance’s Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, joined the fray with a meme of his own. Binance introduced some more confusing options for Twitter chiefs. They could have 6.9 CZ or 6.9 ETH.

If only. It seems that CZ is not that popular when it comes to making a decision. The Crypto Brothers wanted 6.9 ETH.

While the Crypto Brothers do not like CZ, they are willing to sacrifice some ETH with the overlord of Binance for some completely straight time.

@Ifexpaul Chose the 6.9 CZ option. “I just want your knowledge. Only asking for his wisdom.”

Never be afraid of women. There was also some crypto candy for you.

Then the hardest puzzle… CZ or Greg?

@CryptoThor6 said he would choose Greg instead of CZ. “Think Greg’s most likely to defoe on the first date.”

This may have something to do with the fact that CZ has a family and is not on the single market.

Hot crypto sis may not be the target of hotness for everyone. One crypto brother said, “I would pay 6.9 ETH to live in my mom’s basement to talk to a real girl IRL.”

If you’re a true crypto sister, you’ll know where all the ladies want to bet their 6.9.

halloween ideas

If you’re still looking for your Halloween costume this year, maybe a hot crypto sis costume will be a thing. I mean some crypto writers may have already ordered one.

Many spin-off memes are going to come from this. So, let’s stop for the ride.

To all the crypto bros who are wondering if the hot crypto sister is single…

Blonde broker cz 6.9 ETH

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