Following JPMorgan’s debanking, “Orange Pilled” Kanye West was spotted wearing a Bitcoin Founder Satoshi Nakamoto hat.

  • American rapper Kanye West was seen wearing a Satoshi Nakamoto hat following the termination of his account by JPMorgan Chase.
  • West has not publicly stated any support for Bitcoin, but the controversial figure may be looking elsewhere after he was canceled as a client. The rapper’s recent controversial statements led to the termination.
  • West had filed for a trademark relating to NFTs and the metaverse earlier this year.

In what can only be described as an interesting turn of events, American rapper and celebrity Kanye West was spotted wearing a “Satoshi Nakamoto” hat — not long after investment bank, JPMorgan Chase ended its relationship with him.

Kanye West in Satoshi Hat: DailyMail

Images of West wearing the Satoshi that are making the rounds on social media, and naturally, the crypto community is abuzz with discussion. The development is especially interesting given the fact that JPMorgan Chase cut ties with the rapper following some controversial statements that he made.

West has until November 21 to transfer his funds, though it remains to be seen if crypto will be involved in any way. Following the bank’s decision, he said that he was “the richest Black man in American history, that put $140m in JPMorgan” and that “they treated [him] like s***.”

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