While Its Lost 94% in Value Since the Collapse, Terra’s Fractured Ecosystem Is Still Worth $2.5 Billion – Altcoins Bitcoin News

It’s been five months since the Terra ecosystem collapsed as tens of billions of dollars in value disappeared from the crypto economy in a matter of days after May 7. Terra’s new Phoenix blockchain managed to restart the ecosystem to some degree and since the end of June, Terra’s total value locked (TVL) in decentralized … Read more

Arbitrum Founder Dismisses Launch of First Mainnet zkEVM

“Lots of teams are making steady progress, but we’re not ready for prime time by any means,” he continued. “One team is claiming that there are 12 ‘days remaining to the first product-ready layer 2 EVM compatible zkRollup’. If you read the fine print though, their testnet still doesn’t have zk-proofs enabled, no security audits.” … Read more

LiveArtX’s Seven Treasuries NFT Collection Stolen, Exploiter Breaks Floor Price

LiveArtX said the exploit apparently occurred after an individual gained access to the private key of the Seven Treasures collections, after which they could sell all the NFTs. A private key is a secret number used in blockchain technology, similar to a password, that allows its holders to access, transfer and change information about the … Read more

Following JPMorgan’s debanking, “Orange Pilled” Kanye West was spotted wearing a Bitcoin Founder Satoshi Nakamoto hat.

American rapper Kanye West was seen wearing a Satoshi Nakamoto hat following the termination of his account by JPMorgan Chase. West has not publicly stated any support for Bitcoin, but the controversial figure may be looking elsewhere after he was canceled as a client. The rapper’s recent controversial statements led to the termination. West had … Read more