Balancer Labs co-founder drowns, Twitter sparks speculation of CIA involvement

Balancer Labs co-founder Nikolai Mushegian has drowned in Puerto Rico. Mushegian previously tweeted about a possible death at the hands of the CIA, and the crypto community has already started speculating.

Reports are emerging that Balancer Labs co-founder and MakerDAO developer Nikolai Mushegian has been found dead in Puerto Rico. Local media say the 29-year-old reportedly died of drowning. Reports said that Mushegian was dragged by the currents and washed away while swimming on the Condado beach.

Mushegian’s body was rescued, but so far little is known about the incident. Michigan was a co-founder of Balancer Labs and has worked on a fork of the DAI stablecoin. He was a private figure, and did not have a huge presence on social media.

However, he occasionally Tweet, with the last of these posts saying that “the CIA and the Mossad and Pedo elite” were about to trap him and put him to death. He said these entities are some sort of sex-trafficking entrapment blackmail ring and would create a sensation with a laptop installed by his ex-girlfriend, who was a spy.

Who was Nikolai Mushegian?

Mushegian even had his own website, where he talked about the various projects and what inspired him. These projects include the DAI fork RAI, Balancer and DAI, among many other initiatives.

In a world where everyone in the crypto space has an opinion, Mushegian was particularly calm. They mainly let their developments do the talking, occasionally offering their views on various aspects of the market.

Mushegian was also a charitable figure, donating more than $1 million to his alma mater Carnegie Mellon in 2020. He wanted to support a research program for decentralized technologies, including dApps and protocols.

The crypto community was quick to imagine on the nature of his death. He mentioned his last tweet and other tweets posted by him in the past.

One of these tweets stated that some of the possible futures for him would be to become “suicide by the CIA” or “CIA brain damage slave property”.

Most have expressed their condolences, noting their achievements and contributions. Emin Gunn Sirer, also the founder and CEO of Ava Labs tweeted Describing the incident, he said that he was very sad to hear this. Tether co-founder Craig Sellers also … Offered His senses.


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